Decriminalised Futures

Decriminalised Futures is a collaborative project using creative tools to explore a wide range of topics that impact on sex workers. Our emphasis is on supporting artwork and popular education that speaks to sex worker experience; intersects with sex worker rights; and connects with broader social, labour and movement struggles. The project is lead by organisers and artists from SWARM (Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement), in partnership with Arika and supported by the ICA.

We are currently working with 12 artists to create work for an exhibition to be held at the ICA in early 2021. These works will build from the panels and discussions which took place at SWARM’s 2019 Festival of Resistance. You can find recordings of these discussions on our soundcloud, transcripts will be available soon.

This website is currently in development so please check back soon or keep up to date with the project by following us on Twitter or Instragram.

This project is made possible with generous support from the Open Society Foundation, Verso Books and the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.