Decriminalised Futures aims to build collective knowledge by maintaining an archive of art and recordings produced through the life of the project.


We can build a different world was a panel series held online throughout September 2020, bringing together activists, organisers, academics, artists, thinkers, and speakers for a weekly discussion exploring abolition and mutual aid in the UK. This series was organised as a collaboration between Decriminalised Futures, Abolitionist Futures and Verso, with support from Arika.
Video recordings of these events are available below.


In May 2019, SWARM hosted a three day festival to celebrate ten years of organising. This included panel discussions across a wide range of topics that impact on sex workers, and which connect and intersect with sex worker rights organising as well as broader struggles for justice. The conversations and discussions from that festival lay the groundwork for the Decriminalised Futures project.

Below you can find audio recordings from the nearly 20 panels featured at the festival.