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Public Panel
Mutual Aid & Abolition:
A Panel Discussion

This panel discussion will focus on police and prison abolition and mutual aid in the context of sex work, homelessness, and migration. We have seen a rise in interest in abolition, spurred by specific incidents of police brutality in the US and the UK and resulting global protests as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent failure of the state to protect people of colour, migrants and refugees, and low-paid key workers, has meant that local mutual aid networks have sprung up around the UK: people and communities are starting to look out for each other. We’re so excited to see people beginning the difficult but powerful work of imagining a different world and then trying to bring this world into existence; but we want to make sure that we include and prioritise marginalised, stigmatised and excluded communities in these conversations. We can’t have a meaningful discussion about abolition and mutual aid without platforming the voices of sex workers, migrants, people with experience of homelessness, LGBTQ people, drug users, and those with experience of prison.

This panel will bring together speakers who organise around sex work, mutual aid, homelessness, LGBT issues, refugees, migration & domestic violence. We’ll talk about the specific issues facing different groups and then open up for questions and discussions from viewers. To register for the event please click here.

  • Date
  • Saturday 18th July
  • Time
  • 2pm – 4pm
  • Online
  • Access Info
  • This session will have BSL interpreting and captions. There will be a 10 minute break in the middle of the event.
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