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Public Panel
Imagining New Worlds

After abolition: what next? Abolition is not just about tearing everything down, it’s about imagining and building revolutionary futures.

Racial capitalism prevents us from the vital work of imagining different futures. But when we can find ways to create, speculate, envisage, together, the possibilities are endless. Art is one path of abolition and rebuilding, for our movements, our politics, our environments, our histories and ourselves. To imagine new worlds is to start creating them.

Our final panel brings together artists and writers who work with alternate realities and revolutionary futures to ask: what sets us free?

Hosted by Layla-Roxanne Hill, writer/curator-artist/organiser, will be: with Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, artist whose work seeks to archive Black trans experience, using technology to imagine black trans lives in environments that centre our bodies; Francesca Sobande, lecturer, researcher and writer with a particular focus on digital culture, Black diaspore, feminism, creative work and popular culture; Morgan M Page, Canadian writer, performance and video artist, and activist currently based in London, she writes and hosts the trans history podcast One From the Vaults; and Cory Cocktail, power exchange architect and escort, and a post disciplinary artist with an interest in the intersections of the body and technology.