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Online Public Education Series
Lady of the Night School

Decriminalised Futures will be running a public education course looking at sex work history and political movements globally.

This will be an 8 session online course starting in September 2021. Each session will cover a different topic and typically involve a two hour talk and a one hour discussion group, although each session will be slightly different depending on the topic and content. We’ll provide reading materials and relevant resources, as well as hopefully running a complementary film screening series. The exact schedule will be available closer to the course being launched.

The course will be open to all who are interested for a sliding scale fee. Attendees with institutional support such as academics or funded researchers will be encouraged to pay at the higher end to support the wider project and the course going ahead. Attendance for sex workers will be free and small stipends for childcare, carer costs or meals will be made available to support participation.

To be updated about the syllabus and when registration opens you can join our mailing list or keep an eye on our Twitter or Instagram.

  • Date
  • Starting September 2021
  • Online
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