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Cops Don’t Keep Us Safe: When Survival is Made Criminal

Police are there to keep you safe and prisons are built to keep the bad people away. But what if this wasn’t true? What if the police were the source of violence, and prisons a method of social control? Who gets to decide who the ‘bad people’ are? And how does this affect migrants, people of colour and sex workers?

At this event, we’ll be discussing the themes raised in the panel, ‘Cops Don’t Keep Us Safe: When Survival is Made Criminal’, which took place as part of the May 2019 SWARM conference. We aim to consider the ways in which survival has been criminalised for marginalised groups, and how we can resist the systems of State violence which enforce this.

Speaking on this panel were Aviah Sarah Day for Sisters Uncut; Melissa from SOAS Detainee Support; Niki Adams from the English Collective of Prostitutes; Ru from the London Campaign Against Police And State Violence; Kelsey M from CAPE. They addressed the intersections between prison abolition and state violence, thinking about who exactly is targeted by these structures and why.

The discussion will run from 6-8pm, join us at 5pm if you’d like to listen to the recording with us in advance.

You can listen to the full panel recording here.

In addition to listening to the panel recording, we ask that those attending also read the additional articles:

-Are the Soho Brothel Raids Really About Saving Sex Workers? – Frankie Miren

  • Date
  • Wednesday 22nd July
  • Time
  • 5-8pm
  • Online
  • Link