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Reading Group
Reading Group: Sex Workers on the Nordic Model

Under the Nordic Model – sometimes called the “sex buyers law” – sex workers’ clients are criminalised. At this event, we’ll be discussing the themes raised in the panel, ‘Sex Workers on the Nordic Model’, which took place as part of the May 2019 SWARM conference. Speaking on this panel were Luca Stevenson (ICRSE), Ophelia (Fuckförbundet), Mimi Aum Neko (STRASS), Kate McGrew (SWAI), and Hanna (PION).

We aim to consider the ways sex workers living in countries are affected by this legal model, and the impact it has on their life and work.

If you’ve seen calls for the introduction of the Nordic Model, or heard debate about how successful it’s been in the countries where it has been implemented, this event is an opportunity for insight into the lived experiences of those most impacted by this legal change.

The discussion will run from 6-8pm, join us at 5pm if you’d like to listen to the recording with us in advance.

You can listen to the full panel recording here. If you’d prefer to read a transcript, you can do so here.

In addition to listening to the panel recording, we ask that those attending also read a chapter from Revolting Prostitutes, by Juno Mac and Molly Smith. You can download a pdf of the chapter here.

We encourage those attending to bring questions that come up for them in their reading. Alternatively, it might be helpful to highlight sections of the text or recordings that especially resonated for them, and think about why that might be.

This event will be taking place online, via Zoom. A link will be sent out to participants in advance. If you have any specific access requirements, or questions regarding this event, please get in touch – info@decriminalisedfutures.org